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“A pleasure to read along with and listen to. Beautifully illustrated. Rich in the written word. Lyrical and melodic.”Review from Apple Store
“This is a truly beautiful and imaginative story with gorgeous animated illustrations. Your child (and inner child) will love it!”Review from Apple Store
“A true graphic metaphor. The Story is deep, critical, rich in content”Review from Apple Store

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The Bird of a Thousand SongsApp Store4.5

Birds, trills, wings and incredible imagination are what children and adults will find in The Bird of a Thousand Songs.


This wonderfully illustrated AppBook will bring you on a search to find a mysterious bird who is able to mimic all the other birds. Throughout the journey, you will discover birds that are yet to be seen or recorded by ornithology, but you they find the Bird of a Thousand Songs? Are you ready to try? You’ll only need to tune your ears to the beat of your heart.

This fantastic book for youth, written and illustrated by Lizardo Carvajal, won’t only lead you through the wonderful universe of the birds and their songs, but it will also bring you to reflect on the meaning of finding your own song. Thus, The Bird of a Thousand Songs is a story with endless didactic possibilities. Enjoy and fall in love with this book and all the birds you will discover.

What’s new in version 2.0?

  • Now you can interact with all the birds.
  • Touch the Piano Bird to play a real piano.
  • Touch the Gramophone Bird to see it from a different angle.
  • Touch the Bicycle Bird to see it ride around the screen.
  • Touch each bird to hear its sound again.
  • Narration available in French and Spanish
  • Now, you can be the narrator.
  • Now, you can turn to the next page much more easily. With the simple swipe of your finger on the screen, you can see the next bird.
  • Download the Fantastic Aviary of Sir William McCrow for free: it’s a perfect complement to this wonderful story.
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What parents & teachers need to know


Recommended age
  • 8 years and up
  • Guided reading: 3 years and up


Educational value
  • Podrás dialogar con tus chicos acerca de la identidad.
  • Podrás reflexionar sobre la importancia del criterio y la personalidad.
  • Alta estimulación de la creatividad infantil y juvenil.


Positive messages
  • Es importante buscar y construir nuestra propia identidad.
  • Pensar y reflexionar antes de repetir o imitar lo que otros hacen.
  • Ser nosotros mismos, seamos como seamos.


Artistic elements
  • Ilustraciones en técnica de collage y dicoupage.
  • Cada pájaro representa un valor simbólico y poético.
  • Cada textura guarda una relación simbólica con el pájaro.


  • Puedes tocar cada pájaro para que repita el sonido del pájaro.
  • Puedes tocar los pájaros para que generen una nueva animación.
  • Puedes tocar el piano y muchas más interacciones.


Violence and fear
  • Este libro no presenta escenas de violencia ni miedo.
  • Este libro no presenta lenguaje violento.

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