Finally, a children’s tale telling them about death in such a beautiful and tasteful way. Brilliant, never before written!

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Malaika a children’s short film about death

An endearing story filled with fantasy that will take you to the land of memories.

How was Malaika made?

The idea of creating a short film based on the Lotte Reiniger’s silhouette animation technique rises from the strong relationship between life an death, light and darkness. With the help of an animation software we began to give life to the characters of Malaika’s story. We created articulated puppets to help us understand and faithfully reproduce the technique used by Lotte.


The black shapes always appears in contrast with light and color. Each color was carefully chosen to communicate an emotion and create an atmosphere. This is how we started to create what we called the “Emotional Geography” of Malaika.

The geography that began to take shape with colors and light that later would be complemented with the music composition. For the music theme we used the “vocal sampling” technique, voices that could helps us to evoke the beautiful african savannas.


Each theme in Malaika presents a complete universe that grows through the combination of sounds, all generated by the human voice.

Malaika, the Book App


We believe that a story like Malaika should not be limited to only being a short film. We want to create a book, something you can share with your child and that takes advantage of technologies offered by devices such as the iPad.

Malaika the Book App will be developed in versions for iPhone, iPad and computers. Each scene from the movie will have interactions specially designed for children, which we believe will enhance the reading experience that can be shared between child and parent.

The App will also include additional contents that aim to entertain both children and adults. One of these will be a musical workshop in which you will be able to make your own mix of the voices used in the vocal sampling, so you can create your own songs based on the movie’s soundtrack.

This is not the first time we are producing a Book App. In the past, we have developed “The Bird of a Thousand Songs”, a beautiful story that talks about the importance of finding our own song, that is, our identity.