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Reading and the ‘fast-book’

Some days ago we came across a very interesting opinion article that expresses one of our concerns regarding today’s so called “children’s literature”. It was written by Gregorio Luri in which [...]

I got tired of princess tales

I’m tired, and if you’re reading this, it’s probably because you are also tired of seeing your daughter stricken and busted down by such stupidity. Why is it that only few of [...]

Janosch: the art of anarchist literature for children

I donʼt consider Janosch to be appropriate for parentʼs who worry about reading stories that may have a political connotation to their children. For those who are shy to speak to them [...]


Nigthy Night

Nighty Night is a beautiful bedtime Book App. This magical App, illustrated by Heidi Wittlinger and produced by Fox and Sheep, has wonderful decoupage illustrations with sharp shadows and added volume. 

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