5 libros para nativos digitales

5 books for digital natives

If your child is less than 15 years old, he is surely a digital native. That is to say, of those kids who have grown up with digital technologies and who swim in it like a fish in water. For them we have prepared these 5 books for digital natives.

Being the father of a digital native confronts us with new questions in parenting, especially the challenge of understanding a world that moves differently from the world we had in our childhood. For example, the new reading formats, which obey the dynamics of a transmedia narrative deployed on multiple platforms, which involves readers in an active role and which puts us in front of a central question: in the face of so much technology How do I make my child a good reader?

5 super recommended books for digital natives

For those charming digital natives who run around your house, we recommend the following titles, which allow children to enjoy the bridge between digital technologies and print, the delicious smell of paper and ink, and most importantly, beautiful and inspiring stories.



Author: Edouard Manceau
Language: English

Beautiful cardboard book with a rectangular die-cut that acts as a window open to the gaze of the reader who must seek, as a proposal -or provocation- on each page, specific things in the world around him: numbers, letters, colors, textures, sizes, shapes. Illustrated with simple visual elements that motivate the curiosity, exploration and imagination of children, who experience the close relationship between their world and the book.


2. Press Here

Author: Hervé Tullet
Language: English

The curiosity of pressing the yellow button on the cover is the departure of a simple game that invokes the imagination to go from page to page, as if it were a journey, making the yellow point grow, multiply, change color, size and address to the joy of readers who are involved in an experience of virtual interactivity in a flat element: the book.


3. The bird of a thousand songs

Author: Lizardo Carvajal
Language: Spanish English

The bird of a thousand songs is the wonderful story of a bird that can imitate the song of a thousand birds is the gateway to meet real and imaginary birds that are a compliment to the imagination in which children meet unsuspected trills, feathers and flights, which leads to children to invent their own birds, to believe in their own wings and to understand that difference is what makes us vital. Being animated through a mobile application that gives movement and sound to all the birds, this is one of the highly recommended books for digital natives! Buy The bird of a thousand songs.


4. The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Car: William Joyce
Language: English

The book that inspired the Oscar-winning short is a compliment to books in the world today in all formats. It tells the story of Mr. Lessmore, a book lover who writes hoping that his memoirs will be a great book one day. But one day a great hurricane arrives and Mr. Lessmore's book flies past houses, streets, people, leaving the town sadly desolate. But in the midst of the desolation something really incredible happens: a woman arrives flying taken by books that hold her in the air as if they were powerful helium balloons. Definitely one of the books for digital natives that you will enjoy with your boy.


5. A real cat

Author: Lizardo Carvajal-Eulalia Cornejo
Language: Spanish English

A real cat It is album book with beautiful illustrations that can be given life from a cell phone through a simple application that encourages the protagonist, a cat that does all the things contrary to what most cats do: he loves to bathe, eats apples and is good with birds. So what does it take to be a real cat? This is definitely one of the super-recommended digital native books, for shared reading from 2 years and early readers from the age of 4. Buy a real cat.


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