About us?

We are a transmedia publisher specialized in children's and youth literature. We produce content of high aesthetic value that can flow through different platforms: paper, computers, tablets and smartphones, and that articulates different formats such as books, animated shorts and applications in a single reading experience.

Luabooks is a Colombian publishing house that offers children, parents and teachers deep stories that invite them to know and transform the world. They are multi-language, animated, narrated and musicalized books that reconcile new technologies and reading. In our production scheme, technological advances are at the service of the construction of meaning through all the communication channels of people: our books can be read, seen, heard, touched, built and narrated.

How this adventure started

LuaBooks was founded by Lizardo Carvajal and Juan Saab in 2011, a creative and an expert in software development with the promise of producing books of graphic and literary quality and of great respect for young people and children that could meet the expectations of readers. current. In 2015 Silvia Valencia joined, contributing from the perspective of promoting reading and in the construction of new stories.
With a variety of printed and online books for children, youth and adults; books application in multiple languages ​​in the Apple store, short films freely distributed and well received on YouTube, applications for mobile phones (Booktron, patented development) that complement reading on paper; a Crea Digital award (2013) from the Colombian Ministry of Culture for the development of El Pájaro de los mil cantos and an audience award at the Toronto Latin American Film Festival with Malaika the princess, Luabooks is the publisher with the most experience and technological development in Colombia.

LuaBooks Principles

  1. We will produce books with meaning, of literary and graphic quality that have the deepest respect for childhood and youth.
  2. We will not let commercial criteria prevail over good ideas.
  3. We will publish what we consider important to say, even if it is not profitable.
  4. We will produce affordable books that for a fair cost can be part of many children's libraries.
  5. The promotion of the concept of freedom among young people and children will be our main objective.
  6. We will keep the deepest respect for cultures, religions and races, promoting tolerance and respect for others.
  7. We would love that our books reach schools, but to open windows to creation and not to answer evaluations, we will work on it.
  8. If one day we stop having good ideas and encouraging others to build them, we will stop publishing books.
  9. When publishing children's books doesn't make us happy, we will stop doing it.
  10. Technology will only be a means that allows us to tell stories by articulating languages, it will not be an end.