Diferencia entre ebook y libro electrónico y tipos de eReader

Difference between ebook and ebook and eReader types

Difference between ebook and electronic book, as well as what are interactive books, is one of the most frequently asked questions. And it is not surprising, since the migration of books to digital formats is a really recent phenomenon.

Throughout history, the book has gone through different types of media. From the first clay tablets with cuneiform writing, passing through parchments, papyri, the codex book and digital media, books and reading have always evolved with respect to the technological possibilities of each moment.

But to understand ebook and electronic book and what is an application book, we must first talk about eReaders.

What is an eReader

An eReader is an electronic device that allows the reading of an eBook or electronic book. Its design can be specialized in reading or it can fulfill other tasks, such as tablets and computers.

exist eReaders specialized in reading electronic books such as Kindle, Nook or Kobo. That is, they are made initially, just to read e-books. These tablets allow the reading of an electronic book through screens that emulate the opaque appearance of paper.

However, there are other types of eReaders that are not specialized, but that also serve us as digital supports, such as tablets, smartphones and computers, which were the first supports of the modern electronic book.

Is there no difference between ebook and electronic book?

Now that we are clear about what an eReader is, we can understand a little better what the difference is between ebook and electronic book. In short, there is no difference, since electronic book is the Spanish form of the English contraction eBook, which means “electronic book”.

Now that we know that there is no difference between ebook and electronic book, we can explore the types of eBooks that exist.


Flat format books

They are digital books that link text and graphics in a flat way and interaction with the text is minimal. They depend on a reading software.

Rich format books

This format allows linking multimedia elements that are a little more advanced compared to the flat book. In them the interactivity is greater. They depend on a reading software.

Interactive books or books app

This type of book allows a very broad multimedia development, since it links audio, animation, video, interactions, they are linked to social networks, etc. They do not depend on software because they are themselves software, that is, an application.

I leave you a graph that we have prepared for you, with the differences between the different types of books.

I hope this post will serve you and give you key information if you thought there was a difference between ebook and electronic book. As you realized there is no other difference between ebook and electronic book that one word is in English and the other is an expression in Spanish.


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