Eulalia Cornejo: la hermosa esencia de la infancia

Eulalia Cornejo: the beautiful essence of childhood

Eulalia Cornejo has an unmistakable line. Her characters have big eyes and heads, small bodies. They are light and float on her canvases weightlessly, as if levitated in the same universe as Chagall. The geometric nature of her proposal reveals her fascination for African art.

But above all, when one is in front of the work of Eulalia Cornejo, one feels the beautiful essence of childhood, embedded in a dreamlike world, intensely tender. The line of her illustrations is as moving as her color palette and the two, together, manage to touch you.

Eulalia was born in the middle of the world, in Quito, on October 4. Since she was a child, and until today, she has not stopped scribbling, playing with images, words, shapes and colors, which has led Eulalia Cornejo to be an illustrator representing Ecuador on the Honor Roll of the Ibby (International Board on Books for Young People) in the periods 2006-2007 and 2007-2008.

Eulalia Cornejo has illustrated many books for different Ecuadorian and Latin American publishers and is also the author and illustrator of four album books: Porque existes tú (Alfaguara), When green cats sing (Trama), Enriqueta (Alfaguara), and A real cat (LuaBooks 2015)


Although she has many awards and recognitions, for Eulalia Cornejo her most important award are her children, Clara Luz and Teo. But in addition to his two beautiful children, (whom I have the pleasure of meeting) Teo, child of the sun and Clara, girl of light eyes, we can count, among other recognitions, his unique prize in illustration Darío Guevara Mayorga of the Municipality of Quito in the years 2000, 2001, 2006 and 2007. Honorable Mention, 2013. Also third place in the Noma-Unesco International Illustration Contest, Japan 2003 with his book When green cats sing.

A real cat, Eulalia Cornejo

The most recent book with the mastery of Eulalia Cornejo is A real cat, which tells us about a very special kitten, who does not do what others do, but he himself does not doubt that he is a real cat. This is a beautiful book to talk with our children about the right to be different and the great creative power of the imagination.

The book also comes with BookTron technology, developed by LuaBooks, with which each of the pages of this book can be animated using your cell phone iPhone or Android. Both applications are free to download.

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