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Enjoy our children's short films completely free. Complement the experience of reading our books. We present to you "The Watermelon Seller" and Malaika the Princess, short films full of poetry and magic.




Malaika the princessMalaika is an African girl, princess of a herd of elephants, who lives on the back of her father Komba. On the long journey to find the drinking fountains, Malaika will understand that memory is the key to the elephants' survival.

The trip will bring dangerous hunters on the lookout, days of drought and drinking fountains without water; but also a wonderful encounter with the sacred Baobabs, mysterious trees of the savannah, which grow upside down. Difficult days come when Komba begins to sense death. Then Malaika will have to face one of the most difficult tests and a great learning.





The Watermelon SellerThe Watermelon Seller will soon be a father. One morning you read in the newspaper that a Japanese farmer invented a way to make watermelons square. But he loves round watermelons. It is when he begins to tell us the incredible story of Petro Cuadrado, inhabitant of Cube City, who as a child underwent a terrible metamorphosis.

The short, written and illustrated by Lizardo Carvajal, contains an intense reflection of the symbolic universe of the round and the square in our society, as a theme specially dedicated to those who are going to be new parents. Enjoy this entertaining, critical but at the same time cute and humorous animated short.

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