The Bird of a Thousand Songs

Written and illustrated by: Lizardo Carvajal

Birds, trills, wings and an overflowing imagination is what children and adults will find in The Bird of a Thousand Songs. This wonderful illustrated book will take you after the trail of a mysterious bird capable of imitating all the other birds. On the tour you will discover birds never before seen or recorded by ornithology. But will you be able to find the bird of a thousand songs? Are you willing to try? You just need to fine-tune your ear with the beat of your heart.

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  • Title: The Bird of a Thousand Songs
  • Isbn: 978-958-58714-0-3
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Gender: Children's literature
  • Edition: 4edition
  • Year of publication: 2014
  • Pages: 60 pages
  • Number of illustrations: 23
  • Finish:Soft cover.
  • Dimensions:22cm x 22cm
  • Approximate weight: 190g

What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Recommended Age

  • For early readers.
  • Assisted reading from 3 years.

Teaching possibilities

  • Building our own identity and path is more important than repeating others.
  • Being different from others is not a problem, it is what enriches society.

Artistic Elements

  • Illustrations in decoupage technique.
  • Illustrations rich in symbolism.


  • You can animate each page of the book with the BirdTronAR app®
  • Download the app and get the machines up and running through Augmented Reality.