A Russian love story

Written by: Lizardo Carvajal and illustrated by:Maria P.

"When I was born I was missing a wing." Thus begins this fascinating story, set in Soviet Russia, told in the voice of a simple man, but capable of doing something exceptional. A Russian love story is a book about disability and underground seasons, about waiting and love. The man in this story returns every day to the place where he first saw her, wishing to find her again. Meanwhile, life comes and goes. But the world has so many people!
This wonderful album book, written by Lizardo Carvajal and illustrated by Maria P., you can enjoy it with Augmented Reality technology.

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  • Title:A Russian love story
  • Isbn: 978-958-56566-2-8
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Gender: Youth literature
  • Edition: 1st edition
  • Year of publication: 2018
  • Pages: 38 pages
  • Finish:Collapsing.
  • Dimensions:22 x 22cm
  • Approximate weight: 169g

What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Recommended Age

  • For small readers (from 9 years old).
  • Assisted reading from 6 years old.

Teaching possibilities

  • Enable reflection on disability.
  • Allow dialogue about bullying and other forms of discrimination
  • Learn about Russian history.
  • Learn about the work and symbols of Russian painter Marc Chagall.

Artistic Elements

  • Pencil illustrations full of stories and details.
  • Articulate images, stories and sound by providing a complete sensory experience through WingTron®.


  • Turn the book into an animated Pop Up using Augmented Reality technology.